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Process for Dealing with Reports of Potential Bullying 

1. Principal will meet with student(s) with potential bullying behaviours and victim(s) to:

  • Identify where on the Peer Conflict –Mean Behaviour – Bullying Behaviour continuum (see page 5) the behavior is currently and historically at; 
  • Specify which of type(s) of bullying are potential involved (physical, verbal, social/emotional/relational, and cyber) 
  • Review our District Code of Conduct;
  • Understand the details involved in the current challenging relationship. 

2. From conversation above, Principal will determine who else needs to be involved in a conversation to gather more information. This could include other students, staff, parents, and community members. 

3. Principal will develop an Action Plan for each student, according to the template attached. Each student will be involved in developing his/her plan and will meet regularly with the Principal for follow up. ‘School Based Team’ meetings take place weekly and will address School Climate, including following up on details of student action plans. 

Knowing that each student has a different history with a diversity of needs and challenges, specific details of each Action Plan could include: 

a. Increased direct supervision 
b. Referral to counselling 
c. Referral to social skills groups with counsellors 
d. Ongoing conversations with Principal 
e. Ongoing conversations with parents 
f. Conflict resolution sessions 
g. Student missing activities where there is a safety concern 

Actions in our school to address building a positive school culture and potential bullying behaviours:

  • Ongoing development of a Naturally Open System, where information about behaviours flows to the Principal from students, staff, parents, and community members; 
  • Ongoing relationship building among students and adults so that each student has at least one significant and trusted adult he/she can go to for help; 
  • Building self-efficacy and social skills through classroom programming, school-based counselling, district-based mental health supports & trainings; Daily and ongoing group sharing sessions in classes with a focus on developing empathy and self-regulation; 
  • Implementation of programs that support social-emotional development; 
  • Ongoing School-Based Team meetings for/with specific students; 
  • Individual Education Plan meetings for/with specific students; 
  • Ongoing meetings amongst staff in relation to challenging behaviours; 
  • Ongoing development of learning experiences that engage learners, build on strengths, foster curiousity, and challenge our student to grow.