Sunday Update - 23Jan21

Good Sunday out there, South Nelson.

My podcast discovery of the week is courtesy of my 16-year-old daughter and family road trip DJ, Thea.  'Song Exploder' gives space for musicians to talk about the background and nuances of one of their particular songs that is important to them.  So cool to hear the stories, connections, and layers underneath this creative work.  Have a listen! 

To the details...

  • SD8 & South Nelson digital calendar...
  • BCCDC has updated their covid-19 protocols as of January 19.  See  Please have a look for any questions and feel free to follow up with me for any specific interpretations you may need help with after reading.
  • The enrollment and staffing work for the following school year starts in January and we try to get as close as possible as early as we can.
    • For current grade 5 families who are considering the option to remain at South Nelson next year for grade 6, please contact me as soon as possible to talk about this option for your child.  
    • We are now taking registrations for Kindergarten for 2022-23.  Please let any families you know in our catchment with Kindergarten-aged students for next year to contact us to get them enrolled at this time.
  • Thank you to our Teacher-Librarian, Ms. Terlingen for this offering.
    • Dear Parents,

      I hope this email finds you well. If your child is at home for a few days and would enjoy some books from the library, we would love to create a book bag for you.  If there is a favorite topic area, author or subject, please let me know and I will put together some books to be picked up. 

      You can view our selection of books here select South Nelon and you can search by author, title or subject.

      Feel free to contact me in the library on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.

      Kind regards,

      Miranda Terlingen

Take care and have a great week, everyone.

Dan Rude - Principal