Survivor South Nelson


Tuesday June 25th (830-230)

This year our fun day theme is “Survivor”

Our wonderful student council group of grade 3-5 students has been working very hard to create some fun, survivor-style stations.  Our day will start with colour group cheers, and then have colour teams rotate through 11 different stations.  We will have a recess “break” as well as a lunch “break”, and end the day with a fun tug-o-war event on the top field.

We have tried to create a mix of very active stations, as well as some that are a bit slower paced.  The PAC will be running a snack station as well as a face painting station.  There are a number of stations that involve water and students may get wet!  So please send an extra t-shirt and shorts to school with your child so that they can change if they aren’t comfortable being wet.  One station is a food challenge where there will be some” interesting” food choices. We will provide a veggie/fruit alternative if they do not wish to try the “interesting” food choice!

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