Spring Metamorphosis

June’s classroom is filled with confident learners, good friendships, laughter and smiling faces, amazing singing, and well-established classroom and school routines. As spring came, so did new curiosities and, SNAILS, in our gardens, the hands, and sometimes pockets, of kindergarten students. What a perfect opportunity for learning!

We spent a few weeks learning all we could about snails and their lifecycle, anatomy, and some interesting facts. Currently, we are learning about metamorphosis with our Painted Lady butterfly larvae we have in our classroom. Soon the caterpillars will begin to make their chrysalis and complete the metamorphic process. The children created some beautiful butterfly paintings and soon will be able see our caterpillars complete their lifecycle as they transform into butterflies and are released back to nature. 

This month, we are also learning about Aboriginal Pow Wow cultural celebrations with our Aboriginal Education teacher, and the important teachings and learnings that the Pow Wow provides. Recently, Ms. Long came to our class and taught students more about aboriginal drums. Each student tried a handmade drum made by former South Nelson students. 

Something we look forward to every Tuesday is our singing time with our Principal, Mr. Rude and his guitar, frequent special guest Mrs. Ferguson (and Bun Buns the puppet), along with the other Kindergarten/Grade 1 class. 

Lastly, Kindergarten in June would not be complete without the word, REFLECTION. This is something we can all do at the end a wonderful school year, knowing that we carry our knowledge and experiences with us into summer and through to September.