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First in Foodcycling

Ms. Lehnart and her Grade K/1 class students have been in contact with the City of Nelson and they have secured three Foodcyclers for South Nelson Elementary!

The City has offered upgrades to residents who already are recycling food scraps in the machines on their kitchen countertops, and the original Foodcyclers will be distributed to schools around the district, South Nelson being the first in SD8.

We have set up Foodcyclers in three classrooms, and have started food collection in several more. Soon we hope to have every class participating. We plan to have all the school's food scraps turned into fertilizer to keep garbage out of the landfills (dumps) and give back to our garden spaces.

Ms. Lehnart's class has already enjoyed watching our food waste reduced by two thirds to three-quarters in volume.

Well done South Nelson staff and students!


Round containers with food scraps in them on faux-wood table.