Saturday Update - 27Nov21

Good Saturday out there, South Nelson Community.

Thank you to Ms. DeSousa for this month's submission of important happenings in our South Nelson classrooms for our Superintendent's Report - and Saturday Update.  We have also gotten into the habit this year of having our monthly staff meetings hosted in the classroom of the teacher who submits the writeup in order for us all to to experience the various classroom setups.

Mrs. De Sousa’s Grade 4-5 students have taken their learning beyond the local community this fall. A growing social and educational relationship with a class in Onslow, Quebec has provided the class an opportunity to share curricular connections in Science and Social Studies including a biomimicry challenge to create bio-inspired idea that can provide a solution to a human problem. As well, they have exchanged learning about the changing land, people and communities across Canada. Students have met face to face online, are working on collaborative activities and taking turns writing snail mail to one another. Sharing recent events in BC with their pen pal class, South Nelson students are forming a deeper understanding to the effects of climate change, and the importance and value of being strong environmental advocates and citizens.

To the details...

  • SD8 & South Nelson November digital calendar -
  • SD8 & South Nelson December ditgital calendar -
  • PAC Holiday Shop Local Fundraiser for our upper field pavilion structure -
  • Art Cards announcement -
  • South Nelson Sledding Protocols -
  • Book Under Every Tree announcement -
  • Please send at least a couple masks with your child(ren) each and every day to help us follow with the provincial health order for K-12 schools.
  • Please see and the details below to sponsor a family for this Christmas season.  Donations will be accepted at South Nelson until the end of the Wednesday, December 8th.
    • We will have some boxes out front for any non-perishable food donations and feel free to contact me to pass along any other donations you can.
    • If you know of any specific families who would benefit from this program this year, please let me know confidentially.

    • Sponsor a Family for Christmas (Nelson, Ymir, Salmo, North Shore, and Balfour) needs your help!  This Christmas, there are many families needing a little extra help during the holidays.  We are hoping our generous community can band together to assist us in collecting non-perishable food for making Christmas hampers for those in need.  We would love your help, and the good wishes you send to these families this Christmas. 

      • Purchase gifts for each child in $25-$50.00 range.  Please leave gifts unwrapped.  We like to make sure families are balanced and if needed, can add surplus donations if needed.  Gifts for parents are not required but would be welcomed. Give as you are able. 

      • A gift card to a local grocery store would be appreciated to assist with Christmas meal planning.

      • Popular items needed are: 

        • Baby food and diapers 

        • Baby cereals 

        • Milk Alternatives 

        • Snack foods for infants and children 

        • Applesauce or other fruit sauces 

        • Canned beans 

        • Canned chicken, tuna, or salmon 

        • Canned meat – spam or ham 

        • Canned vegetables 

        • Cooking oils 

        • Crackers 

        • Pastas and pasta sauces 

        • Fruit (canned or dried) 

        • Flour, sugar, spices 

        • Nut butters – wow, peanut, almond, etc. 

        • Canned soups 

        • Tea/Coffee/Hot chocolate 

Thank you,

Dan Rude - Principal