Saturday Update - 20Nov21

Good day out there, South Nelson. 

Fun day at school yesterday with the arrival of the snow!  Early next week we will have a full-school zoom assembly to go over updates to our sledding protocols, given that we don't have dedicated play zones for specific grades like last year.  I will post and send out the written protocols and you will notice some new signage that we plan to use daily to deal with the changing conditions of our sledding hill.

I would like to give a huge THANK YOU! to our Teachers for their work on our November 'Communicating Student Learning' that connects with the early dismissal days!  The meetings need to be efficient to get to everyone, but they are very valuable to us in connecting with families in support of student learning. 

If you know of anyone who could use some help with food and/or gifts for the upcoming holiday season, please let me know.  We have many sources of support that come to us at this time, but it can be a challenge to connect these supports to people who can use the help.

And...if you want/need a catchy song in your head this week, check out Jack Johnson & G. Love' Rainbow -  

To the details...

Take care, everyone.

Dan Rude - Principal