Saturday Update - 13Nov21

Good evening out there, South Nelson.

Another Saturday filled with youth hockey for me.  I'm so enjoying coaching Under 13 year-olds this year, including quite a few South Nelson alumni!  So fun and rewarding to see youth working hard, improving, contributing to our team, and having a blast.

Thank you to the following students & staff for their contributions for our Remembrance Day outdoor assembly this past Wednesday and to all of our students and staff for their collective thoughfulness and reflectiveness in gathering together.

  • Grades 1/2 and 3/4 classes for choral singing.

  • Juniper Newson for sharing her wriiting piece 'What Peace Means to Me' and Ruth Tait for reading this piece.

  • Mrs. Bonikowsky’s class for reciting 'In Flanders Fields'

  • Stella Hrycay and Ciara Morris-Dennis for reciting the Act of Remembrance and Commitment to Remember.

  • Ms. Pepperall for leading the grade 1/2 & 3/4 choral singing and playing trumpet for the The Last Post and Reveille.

Details for this week and beyond...

Take care, eyeryone.

Dan Rude - Principal