Saturday Update - 02Oct21

Good day out there, South Nelson Community.

Lots of details this week, but first I want to recognize our kids and adults for the work we are doing together to move forward the important work of Truth & Reconciliation.  I had the opportunity to visit each class this Wednesday afternoon with Ms. Long and was amazed at the beautiful depth of the conversations.  It is evident that classrooms and families are taking this on thoughtfully, through stories and reflections, and in a way that is not overwhelming to the kids.  Thank you for that!  I also want to thank those who supported me in taking the time this week for a four-day course in Compassionate Leadership Systems with a group from across the world, online and based out of MIT.  I will be continuing to digest this rich personal and professional learning experience (and my 18 pages of notes and drawings) and am grateful to be able to join in the ongoing work being done through a global network in support of taking on the significant challenges we face while also not getting stuck in their complexity – and our associated emotions.

To the details…

Take care, everyone.


Dan Rude – Principal

South Nelson Elementary School

We acknowledge, respect and honour the First Nations in whose traditional territories the Kootenay Lake School District operates and all Indigenous people residing within the boundaries of School District 8.