Traffic Safety


Over the past 2 years, parents, teachers, SD8 operations staff, and City of Nelson staff have been working to improve the safety surrounding our school. We are seeing some improvements: traffic flow is better, school bus parking area is clearer, crosswalks at Latimer St. have new signage, a speed reader board was in place on Latimer St., and plowing and sanding surrounding the school during the winter season was improved.  In our ongoing work to raise awareness, a letter was sent to the Mayor and Council to promote increased safety.  You can read the letter below.

We welcome your thoughts on how to improve year round access to our school!  Share them at a PAC meeting or with the school principal.




March 14, 2018


Dear City of Nelson Mayor and Council,


South Nelson Elementary School is a Kindergarten to Grade 5 school in the Uphill neighbourhood, and is built on a steep hill, as is common here. The school community has been working diligently over the past 2 years to address ongoing traffic and pedestrian safety concerns, and we wanted to share some of our progress, as well as some of our wishes for the future.


We have had numerous productive meetings with School District staff and City of Nelson operations staff and we want to thank them for their time and efforts in working collaboratively towards solutions that improve the safety of our children.  In the past year we have seen a number of improvements to signage and a new stop sign has recently been installed to reduce speed. The School has been working actively to remind drivers where to safely park and drop off, and we are seeing improvements.


We are encouraged by the supportive response we have had from City staff and would like to raise some improvements for consideration, as work plans and budget allocations for the coming year are being developed.


•             Develop and Implement a Safe Route to School Policy to encourage walking and cycling to school.

•             Improve sidewalk connectivity by reviewing the sidewalk network in and around schools

•             Address ongoing concerns related to speeding vehicles along Latimer St., Cedar St., and Hendryx St.  through the use of increased enforcement, police presence, and speed reader boards.

•             Improve visibility around all crosswalks near schools.

•             Address safe pedestrian and vehicle access issues to the school during periods of snow and ice.


We hope that we can continue to work collaboratively with the City and the School District to ensure that children are supported and encouraged to walk and cycle to school, and most importantly get to school safely.


Kind Regards,

South Nelson Elementary PAC